Two suggestions for the project of T teahouse friend

recently a friend met through IT teahouse is preparing for a primary school network project, the project has written summary of the project plan, and make some advice to me. After the project plan book, the feeling has two big ideas:

1, the positioning of the target population needs precise

from the project plan, on the one hand to realize the primary school supplies sales through the network platform (supplementary, uniforms, red scarf, sports goods, etc.); on the one hand, pupils, primary school teachers, parents, School Supplies Buyers as the site of the target population.

= pupil: no right to participate in the purchase of materials.

= student parent: no right to participate in the purchase of materials.

= primary school teachers: the right to make decisions on small batch order.

= school supplies buyer: the right to make decisions on the large number of school procurement.

from the point of view of the characteristics of the crowd, the primary school teachers, school materials buyers can be considered as the target population. At the same time, it should be noted that, whether traditional or online media, the most important role in marketing is the dissemination of information. However, for the sale of large customers need more depth of communication or depth of public relations, this network is powerless. Said the popular point, please school leadership people eat every day, he will need to go to the row of wheels, from the Internet looking for supplier? Although the interactive marketing network can play one of the features, but for large customer sales, and no practical effect.

summary: at the same time, primary school students, primary school teachers, parents, school materials buyers need to adjust the idea, the target is not allowed to play certainly not ruthless".

2, all products need to adjust the


project plan from the point of view, there are 5 categories of the site has more than 30 columns. Basically, primary and secondary school students, primary school teachers can relate to the contents of the columns are available. It’s not wrong to be big, but it’s important to note that the big and full content is what the target population really needs?


vertical, do segmentation, do specialization is not only the development trend of the network, the vast majority of the industry is the trend. Therefore, in the column planning need to avoid the blind and the whole idea, need to be clear on the basis of the target population, to find out exactly what it needs.

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