Those who change the quality of marketing after a short period of violence will only speed depressio

long time no chance to chase drama, watch a video, found the hottest costume drama are already filled with marketing means, what the "city escort", "only the corner", and then carefully turn to find a "fresh leaves, leaf Yu Lu", "Yunnan Baiyao", "Ge" and "Eastroc drink" and "Dong’e Jiao" have appeared in the TV series, through the successful placement.

entertainment, TV movie named business ads, has become a It is quite common for marketing. Some advertisements do not actually have some sense of violation, but advertising is really too far fetched, minute of play.

Behind these crazy

advertising, perhaps as a means of marketing innovation, but more important, is a modification of the marketing expansion, in order to obtain from the high cost to change the law to return.

on entrepreneurship, marketing, a lot of people are doing "try to cash the fastest", that is where the money goes, on the other hand, most appealing to the "hot spot" want to grab traffic operators, but also are faced with the shortage problem, the amount of brush, fraud and so on this kind of competition incentive measures for emergency once again, the marketing to a deterioration of the field.

cite two examples. One is the WeChat public number, a small WeChat program.

2015 years, when people began to make public the first pot of gold, many medium and small entrepreneurial team are so crowded; in 2016 years, some people earn pours, but some people can only see this spirit Fenghua chikangyancai, so we went to a "brush" extreme, but at first, this brush is profiteering industry, advertising for zombie fans also fattened a wave of entrepreneurs, until the end of 2016, the amount of brush business slowly being transparent, also begin to depression.


small program, shouting for a long time, online for a long time, finally officially launched in early 2017, but the line is only a month, this product has been tepid rapidly into a recession, what is the reason? It would have no flow can brush ah, a small program can not gather up high the quality, also can’t achieve simple drainage. And what to talk about "money"


is an example of the entrepreneur before the use of good times to achieve a temporary success of metamorphic marketing, the latter example is once again stressed to us, there is no diamond, do not embrace porcelain live.

for many guerrilla tactics metamorphic "entrepreneurs", where there is money they (or they did not "entrepreneurs"), they are doomed to a "guerrilla" for a lifetime, not what a good project; for those keen on various TV drama ads marketing who’s, only a word, need to take heart, implantation effect is more outstanding.

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