Do the successful website needs to introduce the boutique operation thinking

said that although the website has become more and more many people choose to work part-time or full-time, the seemingly low threshold can "open for business", but as long as you spend some time getting to know will find real to be successful, get a good income or industry influence is not easy to do stand by.

every day the new website can not count, we can see in each big Adsense BBS every day there are a huge number of webmaster in busy promotion, website webmaster to pay a lot, but in the busy behind, if you give yourself time, allow yourself to do their own planning and station a reflection and summary, find the defects and their plan, re positioning the target? If not then believe that busy must not succeed. To build their own website to become a successful webmaster site worthy of the name, it must abandon the operation in mind, not by his idea to do random, to be really into "boutique" operation thinking, so as to get twice the result with half the effort to get results.

called the "boutique" thinking, refers to the goal and we do stand in the process that no arbitrary type, site mentality, simply according to the random thoughts their every day to work, although seemingly is also very busy, busy, busy building promotion website content website, but does not have a clear development and planning, so it will only make the wasted effort, The loss outweighs the gain. Therefore, the "fine" thinking is to let the webmaster do stand in the mind set a principle of non quality content do, boutique chain is not built, not busy, non promotion of non luxury boutique model not to find their own effective construction method and profit model, and give their website to build a boutique site, so as to get the ultimate success.

one, the principle of non quality content do not do.


web site to attract visitors, the first visitors into repeat, and then put back into loyal users, old users need site has its own core competitiveness of the one and only. The composition of this competitiveness is often the first to come from the site with the "boutique" content. With the theme and the location of the web site, the owners need to strictly grasp the quality content in the organization, in the selection and publication is preferred by high quality products, and these contents on easy to find easy to refer to the section and the position, for the first time visitors can get on the website of the goodwill and trust, feel the website of the value, so as to improve the first impression in the minds of visitors. This is the first step to the success of the new user, and then transformed into loyal users, but also the site relies on the successful start of the necessary stage.

two, non boutique chain does not build the principle of.

some webmaster in order to reflect the influence of the site or based on other ideas, will think that the chain, especially the more links, the better, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. It can be said that a high quality of friendship can be linked to dozens of quality or even worse links

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