The domestic and foreign KEA style so different About experiential marketing pot

near the end of the year, IKEA exposure increased suddenly, launched a series of ads in Sweden, sell poison chicken soup; an ad in Taiwan on the line, and the mobile phone on the bar; but in the mainland, IKEA style is elegant, four yuan Bridge mall in Beijing, a man and a woman should live together.

suddenly turned into a very "story" shoes, did not seem to think of IKEA oneself.

at home and abroad IKEA style different


starts with the IKEA story.

IKEA of Sweden: even life struggling, you can afford to buy IKEA

IKEA in the hometown of Swedish advertising has always been warm, less anti style propaganda, but this time, they launched a new ad seems to be poison chicken soup in the end.


is a series of new advertising advertising, a total of 3 video, video episodes are: rebellious youth girl and father of the cold war; divorced father with his son moved to another house; pregnant wife struggling to move furniture…… Video using the same narrative, about the plight of different families, there is no excessive dialogue and background rendering, through the protagonist’s action expression, we will be able to experience the five flavors of life.


pregnant wife difficult mobile furniture


divorced father took his son to move to another home

frankly video content is true, some "small household affairs" naked, it seems very "IKEA". But in reality, no one can always rely on poetry and live far away, real life is struggling, IKEA hopes to create the most real life in the scene to tell customers: in life there will be a lot better, but even the most difficult time, IKEA furniture will accompany you around.

IKEA where life happens series of advertising move (pregnant articles)

IKEA products in the video before the debut, marking the price, the price is very common. IKEA seems to be in the most direct way that they will stick to the civilian route: even life struggling, you can afford to buy IKEA.

IKEA Taiwan: more important than mobile phone

the furthest distance in the world may be, you are in front of me but look at the phone, in November 30th, Taiwan IKEA on-line an ad, cause everyone’s attention. The main purpose of this ad is to call adults to put down the phone, really return to family life.


video ads, with children eager eyes, music, and speech. Speaking of a tear: "when I look at you, and your face.

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