Online advertising era whether you choose the soft

network advertising era, whether you have begun to choose the soft Wen!

if you still do not know what is soft, I strongly suggest you read the news, read comments, I think of the direction of building your site will help; if you already know the soft, so I want to ask you: are you the deepest impression which is a soft


thought for a long time, is not a clear answer? Not because you do not know, but because you do not know that the article is soft, which is the highest level of soft


"two biological atomic bomb, the title of the article" do you know? You may not know about, but was named " the most vulgar China in the history of television advertising " Master – naobaijin……

two biological bomb

people do not sleep, can only live five days + Tokyo meeting

America sleep Chinese


woman forty, flower or bean curd residue?

how do astronauts sleep?

Wuhan, the United States crazy signs

people do not sleep, can only live five days

one day no shit = smoke three packs of cigarettes

Nanjing sleep, Wuxi


soft Wen title, you are so familiar? Soft series of planning, and melatonin today made a sweat. After the collapse of the giant Shi Yuzhu, rely on soft Wen to stand up


I said so much, you are not and you still don’t feel soft, what relationship? Health care products and networks, like so far! As a webmaster, you don’t know Wang Tong? As a webmaster, you have not seen the "Chinese NB’s website:" this article HAO123.COM? Of course, this article is not soft, but hao123 itself is already a legend, Wang Tong more than webmaster, but this article propagation effect but to the ultimate soft spread. On the one hand to promote the accelerated development of personal website, on the one hand to the popularity of hao123 reached the peak, which is free of charge for Wang Tong Li Xingping wrote a soft Wen, but considering the late results, is a win-win situation.

even now I use the QQ space creative decoration network through the soft text to promote the click to enter the flow of more than 3000 per day

these are the classics of history, it’s over, let’s say now. Now often see "* * ten ranking website" "* * * best advertising alliance, just a few days to be reproduced in * * *, this post is also soft, but the soft copy is too strong, so only the most obvious effect will start a period; so what soft literary talent >

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