Just want to think it is very difficult to succeed in business did not expect the right to die mo


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is a business looks very beautiful, but it is very cruel thing, failure is more cruel, most people are hard, for a start-up company, died unexpectedly than alive is difficult: to go to the business sector for cancellation of business license, to be submitted to the shareholders’ meeting resolution and newspaper publicity now, go to the Tax Department Tax Cancellation account, submit financial statements of the past 3 years, the balance sheet also…… Life is so difficult, these things will expose



recently, a friend of the two business, company for tax control machine, invoices, tax officials said do not, said his name has other companies on the blacklist of tax, let him as soon as possible to the company’s local tax departments to eliminate, or affect the normal operation of the new company.

friends think of more than 10 years ago, he and a few friends had founded the company. But the company has stopped running for many years, and if it’s not mentioned this time, it’s really forgotten.

friends quickly to ask, just know originally that company because no tax is transferred to non normal households, taxes more than 3 months of follow-up was transferred to the "blacklist of tax". Because there is no pay a fine, more than and 10 years has been hanging. According to the provisions of the tax department of Beijing, to eliminate from the blacklist, it is necessary to accept the punishment, the maximum fine of 10000 yuan.

friend is very depressed, I did not expect the pain of the past there are people remember, not only that, the new start-up companies have not opened, it is necessary to pay for the past failure.

encounter: do not take the death process was blacklisted

friend’s encounter let me sympathy, and stimulate my curiosity, I want to know if the venture fails, the company does not, what is the normal procedure. Know the inquiry, consulting, legal, the original enterprise to die is not easy, even more difficult than

to go to the business sector for cancellation of business license, but also need to submit a resolution of the shareholders’ meeting, the newspaper publicity, if not cancel according to revoke the business license, to industrial and commercial blacklist, legal person within 3 years shall not be legal;

to the tax department to cancel the tax payer, the need for nearly 3 years of financial statements, balance sheet, etc.. If not to press this month to handle tax returns, even if the 0 tax to report, or to the non normal household, even a lifetime tax blacklist. If you want to start a business, but also to be a legal person, it is necessary to pay a fine (tax to be fine, the local tax should be fine), but also to submit financial statements, balance sheets and other information, in order to clear the door.

previously known only to register the company is not easy to run a lot of departments, cover a lot of chapters, I did not expect the company to operate, want to give up is not a simple thing.

compared to the difficulty of the company registration, the company canceled the more cumbersome

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