Lu Songsong using favorites to do network promotion


favorites is a good stuff, it can be used not only to us we often visit the site, but also as their knowledge base and future share consolidation. At the same time, we can improve the utilization efficiency of the promotion of his favorites, this paper strongly recommended reading.

here mainly want to talk about the use of Lou loose favorites to do the promotion, with the major browsers have a bookmark synchronization function, which greatly improves the efficiency of our work, the original may promote a blog to spend several minutes of collection sites, may watch the news to the process of collecting, seriously affecting the efficiency of the promotion. Then I can often go to join favorites promotion, website, found that the promotion of efficiency is greatly increased.

my favorites



as shown above, this is my Firefox bookmarks, mainly for the convenience of their own operation, in the promotion of the bookmark in the above class, because my blog is mainly related to the webmaster and, so the classification is very fine, such as micro-blog in this column, several micro-blog collection I often go for some people, but to do network promotion specialist, they will choose these places.

I used a few favorites

top guest class website: I used to promote the site, basically every hair a Bowen will be in the top guest kind of Web site to submit links, because this kind of site it will directly bring you traffic, and relatively stable. This folder contains: DIGG, geek, drawer, top off. Because the top guest website in China too little, too much, so you can only collect these sites.

micro-blog: micro-blog is my common promotion website, but because micro-blog news, a large amount of information, the information you will soon be drowned out, but some micro-blog can increase the chain, such as micro-blog Tencent.

soft release: as the name suggests there is a collection of Web sites can contribute sites, such as Chinaz, Admin5, jz123, im286 webmaster kind website, this website is only a few favorites, because once your article delivery, other owners of such sites will reprint each other.

Forum: is often go to the forum site, some of course I often go to the forum, such as 28, zblog, WP, push the laggards, promotion forum I will not do the introduction, a separate Lu Songsong blog introduced in the previous article.


analysis of promotion effect of


other favorites by title you can look very clear, what kind of program to collect what kind of website, of course, the most important is the need for careful, you long to collect.

at the same time, we can also use the favorites to analyze the effect of the promotion, we in the implementation of a push.

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