How to run the QQ space from the media

QQ space has been a very active social media platform, and in 2014 since the concept of the media is hot. What is the media? Popular terms, media from the media’s own! Is your microphone, as long as you say the wonderful, play good enough, there will be a lot of people to see, and to attract interest in your attention to you, slowly when your influence reaches a certain range, like a social media (such as newspapers, television, etc.) as a social credibility and spread of power, that is

from the media!

of course, as an individual or grassroots, we can create your own media, the output value of your readers is the core content, then draw the content of your users interested in you in imperceptible influence on


has recently been watching "understand" the space, formerly known as Dong Junfeng, the content is more common in life, there are features of the novel language, concise and simple, yet profound understanding of life, I believe that read people can get the value of two, we understand that the outward, the space on QQ visit 20 thousand IP, is not very high, this is he insisted that since the media influence to write original articles for 8 years every day.

in September 10th, in the talk about from the media, it was revealed that 30 thousand of the monthly price of advertising in his space, a year of advertising is $360 thousand, for the average person has a lot of. But understand did not accept, one of the reasons we do not pursue, but we see the influence from the media. Of course, you can also search in Baidu to understand the diary, you can find his QQ space or his personal blog, the content is updated at the same time.

you should not look down on yourself, since the media age, everyone can become a media influence others. What you can do, what kind of advantages you have, you can output in your QQ what kind of value. The value you will always have someone to agree, and when there is value, you will have continued access to network resources, someone will find you, this is a normal thing.

so how fun QQ

space from the media?

QQ from the media space, positioning is a very important thing, you cannot have what concern! Today are tomorrow shopping, backstage news, I want to say is, you want to focus in a certain field can be, to dig deeply inside the valuable things, and then share to everyone. The reason why many of us do not succeed is not enough attention, too many choices, today to see a project to do something, see tomorrow, but also curious for a while.

QQ space from the media, interaction is an indispensable thing. The interaction of QQ space will give people a warm feeling, and can increase the viscosity of interactive visitors, in laughing, in all kinds of funny expression, increase mutual understanding, let us not meet in Internet world, make a friend.


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