A brief discussion on the management idea of local portal

hey. This period of time to see a lot of local portal management methods and recommendations, the feeling is very good. After watching the successful operation of the experience, I was excited to build their own local portal, Xinmi forum

just do a few days now everything is not ready, but I have done before the station has done a full analysis and the idea of conditioning

now and share my thoughts with you

place is not like any other websites that need so much access only profitable.

If you want to do a good job of local

station to do the local propaganda, publicity to do. Listen to me slowly

1 Baidu Google search engine is essential. You can’t find someone else to advertise, people do not know that there is such a site.

2 search engine included, the content of your site is almost. At this time you can do local promotion. I think so, the first free local well-known merchants do a yellow pages put up, and then go to find some local businesses, take the front advertising introduced to him. As they sell your advertising variety, some merchants are essential. Such as: "mobile phone recharge cards store shop."

3 a period of time your portal should be a little famous in the local. You can vigorously promote it. Just go to the store and sell them. Snacks you can not go, because they are small business, do not need to advertise.

my thoughts are mostly these. The site is not included. Executing the first step. I hope a lot of advice.

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