Car rental industry to do a good job in the marketing of soft paper 4 important steps

some time ago a friend asked the author, he is a traditional industry, so for now the Internet marketing should we invest to do? For this problem, the answer is, now is the era of network, as long as you can in the products of the enterprise network promotion and customer should do soft Wen marketing start. For example, the author’s own car rental industry, in 2000 around the time, there are few car rental industry to do the promotion on the Internet, the traditional car rental industry promotion way is to buy local advertising and local newspapers, the larger flow of people and get the position of business orders through continuous on relationships, social and social means. This is a generalization of traditional mode of car rental industry, but now than in the past has been greatly different, more car rental companies have begun to use the network to promote the order, and one way is to promote marketing, so for the car rental industry marketing is a marketing tool is very important.

a lot of traditional car rental companies, such as our many Xi’an Xi’an car rental company, although there are also written text, written in a very beautiful, but often no customer consultation, why? Because nature did not get to know the soft, soft nature is a form of advertising, direct advertising is only relative to the traditional. The need for soft advertising in value to customers under the premise, here is the 4 important steps of marketing the car rental industry.

first: starting from the car rental customers, write the customer needs to meet the soft Wen

Most of the soft information

a lot of car rental industry is to introduce their company’s strength and the history of the company, how to attract users to the soft? When we take on the soft writing in the car rental industry, should start from the local car rental customers, such as writing some helpful text to the customer, "Xi’an car rental number money one day", "Xi’an Audi car rental price", etc. These are very soft, targeted to solve customer needs, our company can guide users to dial the phone, this is soft Wencai successful soft.

second: soft Wen should pay attention to search ranking

is the author of this process for the car rental industry, operation method, a soft, we will first customers often search according to the key words to name, and then posted to our web site, and then wait for about 4 days, then the local forum contribution or forum post release out, and let the soft diffusion bring us good search rankings.

third: find a place to release car rental soft Wen

car rental industry is currently the main customer oriented is the local residents, so the release of the soft point should be focused on the local forum, the first consideration is to release the soft local traffic, so the local forum account for each car rental companies should be prepared for about 5, and the top post. < >

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