Why do good ads don’t look like the best ads for advertising

look at advertising, advertising, has been "no big deal" thing. However, on the advertising of the doorway, should be regarded as a big thing to. How to look at advertising and advertising behavior? How to make advertising more clever?

advertising is an important means of marketing and methods, is one of the important drivers of the brand.

fundamentally, advertising is a means to spread the brand, enhance brand awareness, and help define and shape the brand in the minds of the public.

look at advertising, advertising, has been "no big deal" thing.


, about the advertising "means", should be viewed as a big thing to.

how to treat advertising and advertising behavior?

how to make advertising more clever?

I have 4 exclusive insights, details are as follows:

advertising is to spend money on learning and art

American Association of advertising on the meaning of advertising: advertising is paid for mass communication.

"The people’s

advertising" in the "advertising" is defined as: Commodity operator or service provider pays for, through certain media or forms directly or indirectly introducing sell their own goods or services provided by commercial advertising.

but when it comes to "pay", people immediately think of "cost"".

so, once the enterprise performance is not good, need to save costs, the first thing to do is usually cut advertising costs!


chop, chop, chop!


however, the consequences of doing so is often – visibility decline, drop in traffic channels, hit the enthusiasm of competitors, laughing…… As always, sales decline!

to avoid this vicious cycle, companies need to establish an understanding: advertising is an investment, not a cost!

brand account, in fact, not in the enterprise, but in the minds of customers. Each point of advertising, the money is in the minds of users.


installment, and then each customer, in paying your fee "interest"! This so-called "interest" is the brand premium is the sales gross margin of


so this is as sure as a gun — advertising is a kind of investment! Since it is "investment", you must use ROI (return on investment).

so, I said, advertising is a science and art of money.

three factors affecting the return on advertising investment

1, advertising creative influence investment return

your product is good, not advertising is also difficult to sell.

but if advertising ideas are bad,

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