Starting from the great nternet companies are not only an ecosystem

Abstract: the essence of "ecosystem" should be the horizontal integration of enterprise diversification strategy, industry, and the traditional enterprise business transformation, its form should not only tell the story, but the enterprises through mergers and acquisitions to achieve cross domain and diversified development.


"ecosystem" concept is rooted in biology, but good at breaking the boundary of the domestic Internet companies, "Internet plus ecosystem" is definitely not an exotic, but is completely Made in China (Chinese manufacturing).

build traffic from the entrance to the ecosystem

The first

Internet industry to introduce the "ecological" is untraceable "ecosystem", but as "internal" and open cases Leekpai become a phenomenon in the music as the founder of Jia Yueting is in the teeth of the storm. Since 2012 919, high-profile speech subversion into the Internet TV market, music as a platform + content + terminal + application eco marketing concept with video sites, television, automobile, finance, enterprise cloud music as ecological layout seems to become an Internet start-up companies — new benchmark products need not extreme, but the story must be complete.

But in 2010

mobile Internet beginning, not so.

this time Baidu’s flagship Symbian, WeChat is still inside the beta, and Ali in Jiangnan in maddening 5 billion 557 million, revenue jumped 43.4%, and raised the Amazon electricity supplier of world war. Until iPhone 4 as shenbingtianjiang, these old little giant who suddenly woke up, such as the night suddenly spring to apple, Android opened the streets.

iPhone4 how much? A dominant position in the NOKIA era, iPhone4 listed in the first year of harvest 40% of the profits of the global mobile phone alarming data, and Android HTC, Motorola, Samsung share 30.8% of the profits, represented by NOKIA Symbian either profit or market share has been declining.

Internet industry has always followed the flow trailing effect, in essence, the rise of intelligent machines represent the arrival of a new traffic entrance, and this traffic is more exciting than the end of the PC.

hardware driver software becomes inevitable, before 2012, the logic of the business becomes a non cost of the entrance of the dispute, the general model can be summed up as:

bottom traffic – mobile applications – application market – other products.

is the underlying flow to intelligent machines, gathering in high frequency mobile applications in use, and then reverted to the application market, and then distributed to the Internet company’s products branch. In fact, this has begun to take shape.

thus, 10 years later, BAT to seize the new traffic entrance, crazy money to do the application market. Including, at that time 1 billion 850 million already was interconnected >

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