QQ space the circle of friends who died in marketing

since the red rice QQ space as a platform for sale, HTC, cool and other mobile phone manufacturers have followed suit. After a series of attempts, QQ space has become a recognized marketing platform. Following the WeChat circle of friends, QQ space into a new position of social marketing.

maybe a lot of people think, QQ space is an excellent sales platform. By the end of November HTC Desire 820s in the QQ space reservation sale machine this case, lasting 6 days reservation number nearly 1 million 300 thousand, 50 thousand HTC Desire 820s sold out in just 17 minutes.

from the surface, this is a remarkable performance, but the fact is just the opposite, the industry is posted on the social marketing positions of the QQ space, the conversion rate is still very low.

Tencent in the third quarter earnings on the QQ space there is such a data: in the third quarter QQ space eye-catching performance, monthly active accounts reached 629 million, the mobile terminal monthly active accounts reached 506 million, an increase of 26% over the same period last year.

Even if the

is in accordance with the number of nearly 1 million 300 thousand appointments to calculate the transformation of QQ space in the HTC mobile phone sales in the case of the reservation rate is only 0.002%. Traditional electricity supplier channels with the average conversion rate of 3-5%, QQ space is a very extreme social marketing platform.

Compared with

, the God of F2 in the QQ space reservation sale than HTC optimistic, reservation number is 3 million 780 thousand. Even so, QQ space conversion rate is still less than 1%, to bear the weight of marketing.

user size of such a huge QQ space, why in the social marketing has become a platform for the realization of it? In my opinion, there are two reasons.

one is determined by the properties of the QQ space. As we all know, QQ space is a huge social platform based on the QQ user group, and the blog platform is somewhat similar, but some of the stronger social attributes. Whether it is the content, or the relationship between the chain, QQ space has a very strong social attributes, play marketing failure is inevitable.

Another reason for

QQ space is difficult to be realized, is affected by younger users restrict. According to QQ spatial data statistics show that nearly half of the active users in the QQ space for 90, and they are talking about, map and other space operations are the most active. After 90, especially after 95 has been more than the other years, becoming the backbone of QQ space. In the consumer level, after 95 is still in school students, consumption levels and high-income white-collar workers still have a certain gap.

since the birth of the day, QQ space positioning has been social. Talk about, album, log and other functional modules are for social services. Of course, with more than 600 million active users of QQ space is a huge platform for traffic is an indisputable fact, but this does not mean that QQ space will become a new marketing position. When some QQ users post ads in QQ space, >

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