Where is the next outlet for marketing Look at Wang Sicong and Jay Chou

with 90 after 00 this batch of most as a "world stage network", their favorite electronic games have gradually entered the mainstream view, and in the rapid development in recent years, there have been many celebrities in hot pursuit, such as Wang Sicong and Jay Chou, they have strong potential to enter or cross-border gaming, do not set off a small influence, become the popular game circle, to let the public went to the field of gaming.



report said, "like other mass based sports industry, the gaming industry has also ushered in the capital flowing, many business models produced, the agency expects the gaming industry to promote the sports industry, the gaming industry is expected to enjoy the policy of dividend and dividend, or to promote gaming Mobile Games ushered in the outbreak stage, tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of market leveraging space, become the next outlet." According to SuperData Research data, E-sports market size of $621 million, about 3 billion 700 million yuan, the global audience of up to 134 million.

just a few years, the gaming industry also from a commercial opportunities for rapid growth to a global phenomenon, caused the attention of marketing. Recently, YAHOO’s chief revenue officer Lisa Utzschneider pointed out in the American advertising magazine Adweek recently issued a document to the crowd of heroes union LOL and other events broadcast network audience soared, under a huge air marketing industry, in the gaming industry. E-sports fans strong cohesion can not be ignored.

these fans crowd what characteristics? Mindshare NA statistics show some interesting points: more than half of the gaming fans are millennials, 60% fans in the age between 25 to 39 years old, many are parents, which accounted for 38% of female fans. These fans have incredible passion for e-sports, their loyalty to love the team, there is a strong sense of community, not just watch the occupation eSports tournament, they will gather together the latest research strategy, the new players and the league, formed a powerful polymerization force.

is one of the most worthy of attention is the brand, these eSports fans eager to watch the event live, this with the traditional sports industry sports fans like, and they are watching when the mood will be particularly exciting, especially investment. A gaming league games and live from around the world to attract fans to watch.

live gaming power and electric fan base combined with a huge market opportunity for this brand can release huge fans crowd, they experience around with their own brand display skills to the full in the creative, speak out, and gaming related can lead to a good story in. In fact there are some brands saw the market potential, and trying to catch the attention of the people and put the "eyeball", such as Ge>

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