When you give a creative Tuo Shi Akang Account Executive how to deal with


went to Zhuhai, hand students living room (hereinafter referred to as the customer position is executed: Akang) to copy a supplier to roar.

"how do you ask me to hand over this thing? I can’t pass the thing by myself. How can I give it to the customer?!!!!"

"how can we refer to other brands? What do you say I didn’t make it clear Brief, official micro can’t mention other brands this is common sense?????????"

"this article, said from the canopy to find brief, when I say clearly, why give me do not know where to come from????


"don’t you repeat your work????"


scolded for a long time, turned to ask me this copy: I just attitude is not a bit bad."

I nodded. The heart wants me to be the person that you are opposite the microphone, probably tear to force.

however, the hand is actually a very responsible Akang, even a group to build, still work in the first place. Would rather give yourself a lot of trouble, but also do not want to add a customer.

but in the communication problem, I take a copy of the angle, or want to this thing as a starting point, give some advice to you new and old kang. Objective, simple, want to help people save akang.

, after all, who do not want to fight to work, there is this effort, it is better to play a cannon, drink more alcohol, you say no.

OK, blah blah blah blah blah blah. Our topic today is, say, when an idea to you when a Shi, how should you cheat him, let him put the things you want, and guarantee the quality and punctuality to you.


well, the key lies in a cheat word, as follows.

cheat ideas, make creative feel like you are on the same boat with him, rather than come to

is creative right brain animal, and almost a child. While Akang are rational thinking of the animal, which is destined to the two species different ways of thinking. First remember this, try to think.

When you give a creative

Tuo Shi, and found that when you have There is not much left. from deadline. The first point to tell myself, do not fry. Because of your deep fried, you will be able to spread the emotion of the explosion to creativity, things will only get worse.

such a result, it is definitely you dial, creative move. You ask him to change 15 words, he won’t give you a punctuation mark. Then you will be more fried. Be more creative and render you more more fried fried. The final result is fried customers. Everybody explosion.

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