Wonderful drama Princess the explosion of red


said the first day of work in 2016, China’s stock market on the successful test of the new baked soon fuse mechanism. Needless to say, the stock price is simply a poor posture. Although I do not stock, but also really shocked. He borrowed a covered green stock screenshot sent to a circle of friends, with this sentence: I feel like the king of Zhao green


thought that we would respond to stock related issues, but results beyond all expectations Princess network drama more relevant, such as "you can see the Crown Princess", "this is the princess", "Princess look like.".

on the Crown Princess promotion record (hereinafter referred to as the princess crown) of the accident became popular, presumably everyone in the circle of friends was Amway N times. In fact, I was just after the new year’s Day was curious to see this wonderful Amway network drama. A small white dog the script, a lack of funds the small crew, from the director to the actors are grassroots team, funny, exaggerated, gorgeous props clothing lines spoof, known as thunder and pollution. But even in the watercress has traditionally been strictly obtained a score of 7.8, far more than the annual production of "poor" Mi months pass 5 points from the heat and reputation can overwhelm the opponent, which is a miracle.

do not understand art, layman I do not understand so many people will like this drama. But if we regard the princess as an entrepreneurial product, we can also find some elements of its success.

accurate positioning of the target user: really understand the user’s preferences and needs

as a comedy through the network drama, "Princess" cast on the target user positioning their very accurate, that is to 90 mainly young users, rather than the mainstream television audience, director in an interview more than once confessed.

as "wonderful" because closely 90 young people’s psychological success, "Princess" is also very understanding of their user’s preferences and needs. Therefore, whether it is an actor, script plot, dress style, all match up: to plot enough fun, actor Yan high value, style is beautiful enough, the lines down to earth, which is also the adventures we now see the funny, shocking aesthetic web series.

due to grasp the user is very accurate, the crew even dare to repeatedly very directly placed in the hard advertising, and did not affect the network drama itself the reputation and reputation. What is more, the director to meet user preferences at the same time, has a deep understanding of their own, in the shooting, hold the basic principles of popular not vulgar.

although some people call it the thunder and dirty, but in fact, the princess of the plot and the lines are still relatively civilized, and the online Huang Duanzi has an essential difference. Shocked burst is true, but also justify the story go on smoothly; it is also true ecstasy brilliant but did not break the bottom line, to porn. This is also

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