Ding Ping a is the common sense tips

a lot of people everywhere to find the money marketing tips, but sooner or later you will find tips, often just common sense.

is now the information explosion, too many people make simple things become complicated, and only a few people have the complex simple, so people have regrets say: learning is a process of shalitaojin! In marketing, Internet marketing each collected data, again how also has hundreds of GB right, but I found that after 5 years of study: "marketing is very simple, as long as the other party want something that will cause a reaction."

red font "the other thing", is actually the last log mentioned "impression".

[impression] is not common sense, of course, but instead of complicated words, a lot of people fainted.

it should consider, why so much money and marketing data so complex? Learn really useful? Or in

most often talk downright nonsense?

has a story, two people go to New York, there are people at the airport, of which a person is directly received the most prosperous area of New York, also climbed to the top of The Empire State Building to the revolving restaurant, luxury Fifth Avenue, another person was sent directly to the slums, dirty and smelly. Later asked the two person, how do you think of the city of New York? The former said New York is too rich, have the opportunity to go, the latter said New York sucks, don’t want to go there again.

Why is

so impressed by the impression that New York is not really look like


the same world, some feel that the world is very beautiful, some think the world is bad?

the same person, playing a big let people look at the high, ragged is considered Nothing is right.,

is also a product, marketing master to sell customers will panic buying, often do not sell me.


more than a few points, the impression is the difference.

what about this aspect of speech?.

if a wonderful and unique point of view, as long as your expression ability is not strong, others will think about the worth of money; on the contrary, even if your opinion is ordinary, even wrong, as long as you vomit lotus, listen to the people to respect. Why is this so? In fact, is the value of the difference between the value of packaging capabilities, packaging is in the shape of the impression!

the above phenomenon, I believe everyone has a different degree of feeling. How to make money online in this area? It is the same, often still useful knowledge, even as simple as not worth mentioning, is the so-called true word, false books.

core three points: products, customers, marketing.

customers, there are problems need to be solved;

products, this group of people want solutions. >

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