A study on the promotion of brand trend of classified information website

in the first "on the classified information website marketing research report" mentioned, mainly how to let others find their own brand. Someone told me that I contact me this report does not apply to establish personal classified information website, said that because of personal effort, even though there may not have sufficient funds, I hope I can talk about the marketing scheme of personal information website classification. What I’m trying to say is that they have a good idea. I will see to it more, but I want to let everyone know that the premise is that bankruptcy is inevitable. It is not easy to build a website, only the investment, there is a good return. According to my analysis: if we focus on the classification of key words (click on the day is greater than 1000) into the Baidu promotion. A day spent more money than we hire a small price. The most important thing is that the propaganda effect is entirely one day. Hope that we can understand the new station.

proposal did not read the classified information website marketing research report, a friend to look at, the consolidation of the foundation is equivalent to it. In this report, I mainly want to talk to you first is the brand trend". What is the "brand trend"? This strange professional name, used in the construction of the site can be called to allow users to know the name of the site, the role and web site. With this complete memory. Can be called a successful brand trend. So how to establish a successful brand trend must become a friend of the problem.

successful brand trend is based on the three main points of the network, that is, in the interpretation has been explained. Name, function, and url. The name of your site is the home page, can also be interpreted as the site keywords. Here we only talk about the home page. Specific reasons, I will explain later. The meaning of the role is the site with the site name relative to the functions played by the role played by. Web site even remember the domain name. These three points are indispensable, and one of them is incomplete.

first step by step we do. First name. Allow users to remember the name of the site, you must do:

1, the name of the word short (SEO academic community provides for the 80 characters, in this SIOOS webmaster personal recommendations within the new station within 30 characters).

2, the name of the text easy to understand, how not to Taiwan province is best not to use traditional. If there are letters in English, it is better to use capital letters or use them simultaneously.

3, the name can be targeted to the user. For example, only one Nanjing city classification information website, we can consider the characteristics of Nanjing and the landmark building or what. We can call the Jinling classification information, Jinling convenience network, etc.. Depending on the individual place, specifically by their own play.

4, if I can use the name or symbol segmentation is a space difference (the best use of symbols, for example: "-" "_" "" "," etc.). Such as: "Shanghai classified information network – free release of Shanghai classified information level"

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