Use Baidu to know the promotion of the three stages

we know that many hospitals are doing network promotion, will make full use of Baidu know this platform to promote and publicize the hospital, this is because Baidu know the platform effect is very obvious and effective, but due to the current use of Baidu know many platform promotion, lead content is more and more complex, so Baidu has also taken a flood prevention measures to reduce and eliminate waste content. As a result, we work to increase the difficulty, but we cannot abandon the good propaganda platform, so how can we fully utilize Baidu know promotion platform and improve the effectiveness of the


industry insiders pointed out that Baidu know promotion should be divided into three stages:

a, raising number phase

raise number is to do Baidu know early promotion of important work, decided to do a good job of Baidu know promotion. The first need to register a lot of Baidu account, the general per capita in fifty or more, and then use all active accounts to answer questions, the answers can range encompasses all aspects of the content, so the regulators can be confusing Baidu, let this account as normal account category, in this way, complemented by a complete novice so, in the shortest possible time to raise the number two (up to two is through the observation period).

should pay attention to support number, do only answer questions, don’t ask, don’t ask the answer, but also not to speed to promotion of ranking, because it can easily be found, therefore, must observe the rules, with some safe and effective way to raise.

two, the general promotion phase

by raising stage, let Baidu know account level rose to two after the account through the observation period, when we have questions, promote the implementation of the nature of at the same time, we can also add related Q & a team, and for their account settings are conducive to the promotion of answer range, so that the account would be more secure. But we should also note that the promotion should have, in the daily maintenance, in addition to doing and promote the answer, but also actively participate in public welfare for the answer, but to control the reasonable ratio (1:2), only in this way, Baidu know account can smoothly through the promotion stage.

three, efficient promotion phase

in the first two stages of experience, Baidu know account has been successfully through the investigation and the general promotion period, then the account has been steadily upgrading, when Baidu know account reached more than 5, it can be used to do business promotion, and promotion is very easy. At this time the Baidu know the answer to the question of the ranking is also easy to rank more than other issues, but also a higher credibility.

entered the extension phase of the outstanding account Baidu know the reliability is greatly improved, then when there is negative information, you can use this account to a higher level of reporting the content, eliminate the adverse effects that accounts for enterprises to promote Baidu know it is handy. < >

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