Online games three players have reached the number of 120 million entrepreneurs ready

China Internet authority CNNIC seventeen released the twenty-first China Internet survey report. The report shows that China’s Internet is still the largest application of entertainment, online music, movies and games for as many as 210 million of Internet users keen.

according to the results of the latest survey, the network application Chinese ranked the top seven for the first seven classes of network application rate is in the following order: (86.6%) > music network instant communication; (81.4%) > (76.9%) > network television news network; (73.6%) > (72.4%) > search engine network game; (59.3%) > (56.5%); e-mail.

huge number of online gamers has reached 120 million

survey results explain why the rapid development of China’s online game industry: a huge user base. Data show that 9.3% of Internet users are usually the first thing is to play online games. In all Internet users, the use of online games is 59.3%, higher than the rate of use of e-mail is also up to 2.8 percentage points. According to this scale, the network game player has reached 120 million, and the 1.2 game player average play network game time is 7.3 hours per week, of which 21.3% users of the online game playing online games for more than 10 hours / week.

but the survey also shows that the overall consumption of this user base is not very high, in general, low age, low income and low education is the three prominent features of online game users. There are 73.7% young people under the age of 18 of Internet users are played online games, is the highest proportion of all ages; and 32.2% of the online game player income in 1-500 yuan; and from the academic point of view, is the highest proportion of the junior high school education period of Internet users, they play online games have been the proportion rose to 71%.

in spite of this, online games have become the trend of universal entertainment. 40 years of age, the proportion of Internet users to play online games has reached 44%, even more than the age of the Internet users, the proportion of players has reached. In undergraduate Internet users, the proportion of players reached 49.7%; master’s degree and above in the Internet, the proportion of players reached 38.9%.

players in Sichuan, the highest proportion of 2/3 players

interesting is that the survey found that the highest proportion of Internet users in Chongqing and Sichuan to play online games, the proportion of both are higher than 67%, that is, within six months, each of the 3 Internet users in the game played online games. The lowest in Beijing, six months, there are still 51.7% of Internet users have played online games.

In addition, according to the

survey say, anti addiction is still a long way to go. The survey said that the size of primary and secondary school students to play online games has reached 36 million 820 thousand people, accounting for about 17% of the total number of primary and secondary school students, accounting for the number of primary and secondary school students in the number of Internet users by 73.1%. Fortunately, the group’s game time

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