How to quickly improve the content of WeChat reading

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as the number of operations we have done is to rapidly increase the fans, so we can also bring new graphic reading fans, now we are going to talk about how to improve the amount of reading text quickly.

content is the fundamental operation of WeChat, as a public number by reading the amount every day we need to reach 20% is normal, but many of our friends have not reached the amount of reading this number, with website optimization, no good content is no promotion and operation. So how to do the contents of the public number of WeChat before we may have seen a lot of similar articles, such as: "fast enhance the text to read the N method", these are similar.

a. Content

title, attractive title, before we see a lot of public numbers, * *, I was shocked"… "Just released video," "a day hits over how much" and "don’t look to seal the title" really good! A high amount of reading articles WeChat usually have a dick fry day title and good content, so as to attract the reader’s eye, not others what do you read?


II cover, cover the effect with the title, we can choose according to our content to a good picture on the cover, there is we need to locate their public, take me for: (beizhenjingle) we were shocked by the number of fans inside are men, so we content you can try to get some cover pictures of women, so that it can better attract the attention of the fans so as to increase the amount of reading, even if your content is not very good, but your fans are seeing the title and cover click, see.

the text, reading rate can not prove that our article is good article, but also the reading rate behind the forwarding share, if your content is not very good, so the content is almost to their existing fans, but also because of your content and make some people cancel your attention, so in when collecting the articles we have to spend more time to do


two. Text header and bottom boot


, for example, at the top we can guide how to pay attention to and what is the content of this number, so that readers understand the meaning of this number is what, if you will be concerned with him.


At the bottom of the

we can shape the image of yourself, can boast a little like this, you are just an ordinary people say that you are "XX director" it is possible, but not likely to confirm this reading, the purpose of doing so we can further enhance their reading in the heart the image, when your fans forwarded out after other people read after

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