Search and classify the future focus of the site

      this period of time, busy with a comprehensive industry e-commerce site planning, one after another problem. Tonight, we finally communicate the classification of the site, for which I also put my views on the classification of the site.

      I read a lot of articles, saying that this year is the classification of the site, and indeed this year, many companies have begun to do the classification of the site. There are information classification based on industry, local information classification, etc.. I’m here to talk about what is a classified website? Why use classification? How to do classification?

      what is classification? As the name suggests is to classify a lot of things. So what is a classified website? The first and most popular is web site classification, such as In fact, some large sites are beginning to classify, such as the classification of the product, Ali and HC local network information classification. In my opinion, there should be several classified sites in industry classification: mainly, such as Ali, mechanical network; information classification based, such as etc..

      from the development of the site, said that the classification is an inevitable product, why? I began to surf the Internet for 99 years, when the site is not too much, and the site’s information is not updated too fast, so do not need to be classified. But not now, that Ali, in 2004, I can easily find what I want, but now can not, why? The information is too large, the product is too wide. I have been to the attention of Ali and HC industry classification, their classification is a different system, so that the same product they are the industry is not the same, I do not know how many times to modify, resulting in Ali home page without a detailed classification, and HC still, the why still insist, the reason is very simple, their customers are not enough, enough to them, they will take home the same detailed classification removed. In order to better find what you want, classification is one of the best ways.

      how to do? I personally think is not easy, especially to do vertical search, more professional, more professional website classification generally because they are more familiar with their own industry, such as jewelry net people know how jewelry classification, if it is a comprehensive industry, to do a good job classification more difficult, even Ali and HC often change their industry classification, why? Too wide, their professional depth is not enough.

      my personal view is that the search plus classification is the most perfect combination, and why? From the point of view of Internet users, why use search, that is because you want what you want, but a special case of the situation, sometimes people are not what you want to find, it must be done to guide, who.

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