U S domain name to follow suit Google announced the cessation of business in China

the United States Congress on the implementation of China’s 24 hearing, to discuss the impact of China’s regulation of the Internet on human rights and trade". Google, the computer and communications industry association, former U.S. diplomats and some Chinese human rights organizations attended the hearing. United States, an Internet domain name registration company Go Daddy accidentally hit Google, became the protagonist of the hearing. According to the "Washington Post" reports Go Daddy, executive vice president Christie. Jones testified that to stop the company Chinese domain name registration business, because the government China asked clients to provide photos and other proof of identity. She said: "we have just made a decision that we don’t want to be the agent of the government China".

is known to all, the world is now strengthening the Internet domain name registration management, but Jones said that the Chinese government is to strengthen the control of the Internet, so that their users affected. According to Agence France-Presse, Jones also said, Go Daddy company suffered dozens of serious attacks, was intrusive object is some of the Chinese government is very sensitive to the site. This statement is almost identical to Google’s threat to quit China in January.

Go Daddy’s practice was quickly considered by the west is another heavy blow to china". According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that U.S. lawmakers called Go Daddy "commendable," Rep. Smith said at the hearing, Google opened the "first shot" throughout the world, now second American companies also respond to the call, "to safeguard the rights of the people Chinese", this is the American IT company to take a strong signal the right of action in repressive countries".

the United States, "Denver post" 25, said, "Go Daddy to join the ranks of the ‘rebel China’, together with Google to challenge China’s network censorship. The German "financial news" 25, "against Google Chinese: Go Daddy follow Google" reported that Google transferred to Hongkong, causing customer dissatisfaction, but Go Daddy has followed Google issued a challenge to the government Chinese. The article also said that in addition to Google, Go Daddy, MacAffee and other 30 companies have been attacked by hackers, and now these companies began a counterattack.

the United States, the computer world, said, Go Daddy is so far the first major Internet Co to follow up the challenge of China’s Internet censorship Google Corporation. But this is only the beginning, and as the global battle unfolds, it is expected that more militant rhetoric from all sides will be heard.

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