Two defamatory information delete posts paid can be held criminally liable

A5 webmaster network ( September 9th news: 9 Supreme Court announced the Supreme Court, the Supreme Procuratorate on the implementation of the use of information networks, such as the implementation of libel cases of judicial interpretation. The judicial interpretation by clarifying the legal boundary information network published remarks, to punish the crime of slander and other legal staff clear the use of the network, so as to regulate the network order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses.

such as the use of information network to slander others, the same information is actually defamatory click browse more than 5000 times the number, or be forwarded more than 500 times the number, should be recognized as provisions of the first paragraph of article 246th of the criminal law of the "serious", may constitute libel.

usually for the purpose of profit, through the information network to delete paid to provide information services, or knowingly false information through the information network publish paid to provide information services, disrupted the market order, the amount of illegal business units more than 150 thousand yuan, or 50 thousand yuan more than the illegal income, illegal acts of "serious", the crime of illegal business conviction.

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