Yahoo360 after the closure of the conjecture

      dust settles, YAHOO’s social network 360° announced next year off.

      review Yahoo; 360°

      in 2005, when the 360 was first established, functionally, it is a community of cattle B. It is a collection of all the popular Web2.0 application, blog, circle, RSS polymerization, etc.. 360 complete architecture, it is easy to make people feel that the Web2.0 is the 360.

      perhaps YAHOO also believes that since its perfect function has made social, sharing, friends and so on elements integrated perfectly into the future, users do not need to come out, how also need Email this tool, so there is a special 360 & quot; E-mail: " the " service. " is different from Yahoo; email; mail!, is a fake email message can only send and receive station.

      review the Yahoo or in the main competition one pillar to prop up the sky, the 360 is nothing more than MSN Spaces, the two giants have highly integrated, seems to be the only way out. MySpace can rely on A new force suddenly rises., pure Web2.0 style, a bullish, but 360 is too close and bloated, the user was gradually forgotten.

      360° fate conjecture

      360° although it is about to disappear, but the contents of YAHOO is not wasted anyway. Before the most promising to replace the 360 is the new development of Yahoo! Mash, however, Yahoo! Mash no, at least not perfect.

      Mash what is it? Why not?

      if the previous 360 is a Web2.0 super integration, then mash is Web2.0 super fine. In addition to several mash put plug-in window, no blog, no circle, doesn’t even have a place to share pictures. So lightweight, want to support 360 bloated body, is impossible.

      before the innovative product out, the original blog article can only be transferred to YAHOO blog platform, and the circle will be sent to YAHOO group. In short, the 360 will be removed, to the various sections of the YAHOO, enrich the content there. YAHOO does so at the same time

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