Taobao train through the search for thousands of thousands of personalized data


] June 5th news billion state power network, billion state power network that Taobao train will launch a "personalized search service, this adjustment will begin in June 4th to June 30th total line.

so-called personalized search, that is, the search for the same keyword, the search results will be based on the characteristics of different consumers, the product will be personalized display. It is understood that the influence factors of personalized search results, there are two main sections: one is the attribute of consumers, including gender, age, purchasing power; the other is a consumer behavior, to browse, add to cart, the purchase of commodity transaction records.

Taobao express terms, personalized search show thousands of people face, will be more accurate into the store traffic, improve the efficiency of store operations, but also contribute to CTR and store indicators to improve. In the promotion of quality, personalized search relative advantage of personalized search performance, bring into the store traffic, help to improve the click rate and click on the conversion rate, the useless cost is reduced accordingly, improve the utilization rate of the budget.

According to

billion state power network to understand, Taobao train is for Taobao sellers, according to marketing tools pay per click, in order to achieve the accurate promotion of goods. The seller can set the key words for each commodity, and free pricing for each bid, and the train will be paid in accordance with the actual number of clicks.


, and Tmall have tried a revision of thousands of thousands of people face personalized search, analysts believe that Taobao’s future trend will be based on big data to complete the personalized products display, recommendation, self subscription.

In addition, Taobao

will also be on-line real-time keyword data statements, traffic acquisition tools, such as the ability to support tools.

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