Science and technology circles ranking top female executives Peng Lei 1 billion 200 million ranked

Peng Lei

[TechWeb] April 17th news reports, market research firm Wealth-X released a global science and technology circle female rich list, HP’s current CEO Whitman with a net worth of $1 billion 300 million in the first place, the Alibaba affiliates ant small and micro finance CEO Peng Lei for $1 billion 200 million, ranking third.

science and technology circles Regal list (data from Wealth-X)

Wealth-X announced the list shows that 58 year old HP CEO Meg · Whitman net worth of about $1 billion 300 million, ranked first, ranking second in the 45 year old Facebook chief operating officer Shirley · Sandberg, her net worth about $1 billion 220 million.

Whitman’s wealth comes from cash eBay stock, she led the crazy expansion of eBay company from 1998 to 2008; Sandberg’s wealth comes from Facebook stock, she began to cash from 2012, $700 million in pre tax income, and she also currently holds $430 million in stock Facebook.

ant small and micro financial CEO Peng Lei and HTC chairman and CEO Wang Xuehong is the two in the top five China female executives, 42 year old Peng Lei price surge is mainly because the Alibaba group listed in 2014 — in her hand while holding less than 5% of the shares of the Alibaba.

ranked fifth in the YAHOO CEO Marisa · net wealth of $410 million, she is the youngest of the top five, only 39 years old. (small peak)

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