Marketing expert seven days strongest Raiders crash

had a certain marketing experience of the people should know, (here is referred to as soft soft, soft Wen, including press releases, public relations news categories), is the most effective way of marketing economy, one of the most.

rely on marketing popular products such as Shi Yuzhu be too numerous to enumerate, far the most successful application of melatonin, soft, not one, nearly as God carved sirloin, barberry hall, West master hamburger, master Rice noodles 90 and 1% of Anne’s overbearing President diary.

these people are relying on the soft Wen marketing, or quickly opened the market, or to enhance the huge fame, or let the amount of product downloads soared. Of course, these are very extreme and rare cases, they can only rely on the success of the soft Wen, first, there are talent and resources, the two is to do a lot of pre accumulation.

today here said the marketing expert, not a few people this refers to the extent of reach this level, let alone seven days, seven months or even seven years, ordinary people may not be able to reach here; marketing expert, to write a valuable, attractive soft, can attract many websites, news headlines on the website.


is quick, no longer write techniques and methods of the aspects of content, teach these things, it is not a crash, if you are interested in the content, can communicate privately. Of course, to seven days of intensive marketing expert knowledge, write text must have some, there is no certain foundation, is also not easy to crash.

well, no nonsense, turn to the subject, marketing expert express way is to imitate, according to various categories of various properties of soft, soft, various styles of text, copy imitation, their title, framework, ideas, themes, style, diction, style of how to write, you are how to copy write, summed up in one sentence, in addition to content, apply to all the rest.

language description is more abstract, to give you an example show, more intuitive. For example, "80 guy" fried carbon "February 100 thousand profit" this article (the Tencent, the Sohu’s news headlines, the other soft text is very eye-catching, love friends, love, website editor also reproduced) can "fry carbon content directly into your product in the text the title, directly to the" fried carbon "has replaced your product, if you want to change, can be replaced with" 90 after give up working for state enterprises undertaking millions of years into ", all the text according to the original framework, style and style, only the content you want to become the promotion of products.

framework, style, style is no longer how to copy the examples, apply directly to the line, if it is not, don’t do marketing, hold the child go home.

some people will question the theme of these articles have been used, but also attractive, a lot of practice has proved that these topics have been used many times, but still very attractive, there are a lot of

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