Six mail marketing precision skills

we talk about e-mail marketing is different from mass spam, e-mail marketing premise must be recognized and accepted by the target customers, so that e-mail marketing can reflect its unique value.

at the beginning of our explanation before, you must clear your need to send emails, is the need to enhance the enterprise value as a need or spread spam virus, because for all e-mail users and some free email users, their mailbox can shield the garbage and virus is very good, only after obtaining the master mailbox the approval, you will be able to spread their own products and advice to him, and not to waste a lot of manpower and time wasted.

first, lock target customers:

is the first step in the marketing of the target audience, so the wording and content of the message is particularly important. Before sending mail, first to sort out the need to send a list of the list can be your current and former customers, customers, the intention of your company’s website registered users, or from the statistics obtained in the needs of the user, the aimless e-mail will be a poor and a thankless task means.

second, professional and beautiful mail design:

this doesn’t need details I believe we can be recognized, mail style is basically a continuation of company image and company website style; in addition, it can be combined with the characteristics of the company’s products to produce beautiful and unique promotional page.

In addition to the

tone, the arrangement of words and expression is very important and easy part, highlight the main points and the propaganda can grasp the needs of users of the text, put it in the most prominent position, eliminate trival text, can reflect the theme of the picture, will make the mail considerably.

third, continue to maintain and develop customers:

after the receipt of the acknowledgement of the target customer, you can get a list of potential users, maintain and make good use of it, will bring great convenience for future sales work; at the same time, to the customer development should form a normal work to implement. This is a process of long-term email marketing mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the degree of adhesion and sales staff, customer service personnel will directly affect the level of the list.

fourth, attractive and valuable content:

Whether the content of

e-mail is valuable determines the sustainable development of e-mail marketing, which requires enterprises to give full play to their own advantages. Can we see the free course of oral education one day one, it based on user generated great value in practical significance, and to ignore the occasional advertising messages from EF, but also increased the value of spam and benefit, this is the mail marketing a very successful case.

another successful case where the customer is, Dangdang shopping site cash coupon email with the mail to send spam also showed the incomparable life.

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