Google on Baidu E Search Toolbar who is supreme 1

As we all know, Google and Baidu (Baidu) is the largest foreign and domestic search service providers. In order to seize more market, coincidentally launched Internet support Explorer browser toolbar plug-in: Google and Baidu’s Toolbar. Today, the Pacific computer network for everyone to compare these two software evaluation.

evaluation platform

motherboard: SOYO 7VCA

Network: FTTZ+LAN (6.4 Mbps maximum limit)Operating system: Microsoft Windows



Google and Baidu’s Toolbar two software is used as the third party plug-in running IE, which can increase or decrease the number of buttons on the toolbar, it is difficult to comment on who look good. But Baidu’s default directly provides pictures, MP3, Flash etc. the search button will be more convenient for some of these resources need to directly search for friends.
search function

is the search for Web two software are to support the use of special skills, logical conditions, search keywords, search function commonly used etc.. In addition, they have a diversified development trend: Google Toolbar search service can search image and UseNet news group articles, Baidu search tool can search for news, pictures, MP3, FLASH and so on, the lyrics.

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