Secret Luo Zhenyu and his thinking is how the Luo Luo people

before I saw a sentence in particular, let me sigh with emotion: "with marketing talent, every time the sincerity will be regarded as acting." Today, let me see a word, but also let me deeply touched: do marketing for a long time you will be entangled in the heart." The person who said this is the former team member of the media thinking. How to say it? Marketing is an art of communication, communication is a true or false, combined with the actual situation of the arts, the spread of different objects, different expressions will be different. It is not just that promotion, stupidly looking for ways to implement it, without a brain, without a certain talent or gift is really not to play. I play the marketing for so long, in fact not long, also a few months, since that is a little gift for some things, it really could not understand, but they sometimes use their so-called hate means, today you want to talk about some things in her heart, the truth may be cruel the.

now I see there are still some people have their own independent thinking, no longer listen to other people say the Internet thinking fooled, or already have their own for the Internet or mobile Internet opinion, this concept is really packing have been rotten street, perhaps have a certain significance, but more is nonsense, a little head people should know that not a methodology is universal, so we need to learn how to treat dialectically, concrete analysis of concrete problems, like < < > > is not so simple; the lyrics of this song sings: "others listen casually, do decide for yourself."

Luo fat is a very love living people, many of the so-called Internet cafes are marketing master, including Lei Jun, long is a big pair of cunning. Based on my understanding of Luo Zhenyu and his thoughts, I find that he is a very contradictory person, especially in some of his own views. In fact, I can understand that he is often dealing with the media people, well aware of the road, the so-called eye economy. For example, he said, playing from the media must be reliable, must look down on people, do not need positioning and so on speech, it is too extreme, but it is needed for media, however, suffer those who are unaware of the truth, the fans still don’t like school, finally turned into four, got the dubious. Finally, these people can come out like bragging: "Lao Tzu has been imitated, never surpassed, haha." Indeed, success can not be copied, marketing and communication are the same, he said he is not from the media, he said that content is king is nonsense, he said there is no interest in recruiting members and eat meals overlord and so on, do you really believe? Don’t simply,


I had my own community and from the media, in fact, the community and the media since these concepts are packed out, the concept of speculation is very common means of marketing marketing. It is a social circle, in a relatively pure and simple circles, since the media is popular in terms of a center of influence, a content, fan >

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