100 thousand yuan to bring APP 20 million user occasion event marketing

if the traditional promotion method, 100 thousand yuan to bring the 20 million users is impossible. But the author (mobile Internet Li Jianhua, WeChat: tianyi86913) to share this article, combined with their own experience, to tell you that in addition to more expensive channels, there are other ways to use. I dark horse take you to see.


see the title, estimated that many people will think this is impossible, if applied the traditional method is of course impossible, APP promotion of traditional methods, I think we all know, find the channel first, looking for other APP change, brush list, and then spend CPA, CPC and so on the promotion the only way is to rely on means and channels, channels are the success of all APP is the standard of success, promotion of the original method always radical in all human brain, like selling mobile phone, selling computer, the traditional method is to rely on the channel, the method developed in the social informatization slow case once occupied all the mainstream of human thought, under the influence of such thinking in mobile Internet APP channel has become the object of all the APP public relations research, people crowded broken head Rely on the channel, to the final outcome is the channel prices increasing, the cost of APP promotion is more and more high, the nouveau riche APP, no money APP would have no chance of promotion, for a list of the ten or twenty APP, almost no other APP machine will be what. Therefore, the promotion of APP must change the concept, no one I have, I have excellent people, people gifted me to change, that is a constantly beyond the idea.

I will write a

APP only spent 100 thousand yuan created 20 million user experience.

things cause concern


we have made a APP, with nearly a year’s time finally extended to 1 million active users, the channel of the people is one thing very tired, we made more than and 200 channels, each time to update APP to hit nearly 200 of the package, is indeed a very the consumption of the things of god. Later we want a new way to promote our APP, that is the event marketing, towards the end of the year, we see the train tickets become a major focus of the news, we just APP and train ticket can take some of the relationship, we decided to train tickets for the tipping point event. Choose the train tickets for events is the tipping point, because every Spring Festival and holiday, the train ticket is the highest degree of concern, but the train people are our APP crowd. The selected train tickets for events detonated point, we do detailed planning programs, take our APP quietly into the whole scheme, scheme is divided into early, middle and late, and each of the events are not the same, finally through the audit, we began to enter the implementation.

an event detonated, need to use a media platform >

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