Taobao mall merchants settled in the new regulations will greatly enhance the quality of Taobao mall

today to see the forum, QQ group are talking about Taobao’s new regulations, as well as the explosion of the explosion of this explosion Juhuasuan. For Taobao has not too much attention, but such a great reputation, things don’t look so small, Baidu news search, Taobao what the new regulations were against Taobao mall big sellers and small sellers siege news, Baidu search for "new Taobao" is a word search title has more than 1 thousand and 200 news. It seems that the resistance is indeed very large, Taobao’s new regulations seem to be very concerned about the industry, the last big Taobao declaration, I also like this passive acceptance of understanding.

so many people oppose the Taobao new regulations, really make people curious about Taobao, so Baidu is against the new regulations, the voice search, Taobao mall new regulations is what can not find the specific Taobao new regulations, finally found in Google. Baidu, a bit messy, do not know this time do not know the truth of a lot of people need to understand the details of the new regulations is what?

generally look at the Taobao mall sellers settled under the new regulations, roughly three points: margin, technical service rates, technical services annual fee increased significantly. The deposit of 50 thousand yuan to 15, but most of the shops need to register, this greatly improves the quality of the mall for some, but it does not fund registered company, not too much liquidity for small sellers is definitely not a good news. But Dongguan SEO Liu Village Inn believes that the original intention of the establishment of Taobao mall is to build a high-quality online shopping platform, gathered are big sellers. The beginning of the establishment, in order to attract popularity, annual fees are low, and now Taobao mall has a reputation, popularity, naturally to rectify, to move toward the most basic positioning to go, to develop. This is no wonder Taobao, can only be said to be one thing to a certain extent the development of the inevitable. Imagine that the revolution did not revolt, did not touch the interests of some people.

may say that for small sellers unfair, causing everyone to siege, but it is true. Just think, small sellers want to do Taobao Mall for what? Not to use Taobao mall’s high reputation, but if this reputation is small sellers (Taobao mall there must be some opportunistic people) are destroyed after what? Taobao mall small sellers better to concentrate on the Taobao C store, borrow Taobao mall high credibility to sell products, rather than make their own reputation, always rely on their own reality.

new regulations for the second provisions of Taobao, in fact, is to reward the high reputation of the seller, the seller is to encourage the integrity of the business, so good for everyone. Taobao mall seller standardized operation, sales, sellers benefit, Taobao also benefit. If done well, Taobao get more, return the annual fee of 50 thousand and 10, Taobao does not care.

anyway, Taobao is the winner, are the biggest gainers. Taobao can not do so, not to arouse the anger of the majority of sellers, but Taobao is considering long-term development. If for the sake of the comfort of the moment, and let Taobao mall so development, >

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